HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH

Peak voltmeters MU 17/ MU 18

MU 17Peak voltmeters measure the value of the voltage applied to the high-voltage dividers or the voltage up to a maximum of 1000 V directly. They can process AC and DC.

Peak voltmeters are available in two different models. One device is a stand-alone measurement device with a control panel and display. The second device is only a measurement device for which the HIGHVOLT control system of the high voltage test system performs all operations and display functions. The peak voltmeter for AC and DC voltage,
Type MU 17/ MU 18 complies with all requirements according to IEC 60060-2.


  • Type MU 17: stand-alone measurement device
  • Type MU 18: measurement device integrated into the HIGHVOLT control system


  • High measurement accuracy thanks to automatic switching of measurement range
  • Graphic display of the voltage curve
  • Breakdown detection
  • Availability of the measured values following breakdown thanks to a temporary memory
  • Enables evaluation of the voltage based on different criteria, for example, peak value or RMS