Much-acclaimed HIGHVOLT lecture at CABLETECH 2013

Horeth during his lecture at CABLETECH 2013 Horeth during his lecture at CABLETECH 2013

HIGHVOLT was again present with a stand and also delivered a lecture to the International Conference on Power Cables in 2013. The conference was held in Bangalore on 7th and 8th February.

In his lecture, HIGHVOLT engineer Andreas Horeth provided an up-to-date overview of possibilities for the on-site testing of high-voltage cables. The increasing demands placed on cables frequently necessitate ever higher test voltages.

“There is some uncertainty in the branch as to the most appropriate solution from the technical and economic point of view,” Horeth said.  He saw this as one of the reasons for the immense interest in his lecture, and went on to explain: “Particularly for on-site tests, HIGHVOLT offers optimally adapted test systems which are also proven under difficult climatic conditions, such as those prevalent in India.”

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