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Online-Werksprüfung und Online-Inbetriebnahme - Wie die vergangenen Monate unsere Arbeitsweise verändert haben

Datum: 21.04.2021

Zeit: 14:00 Uhr

HIGHVOLT Web Talk-Sprache ist Englisch.

Im Juni vergangenen Jahres haben wir erfolgreich die HIGHVOLT Web Talk-Serie gestartet. Im Frühjahr 2021 starten wir in eine neue Runde und beginnen mit einem Rückblick. COVID-19 ist in aller Munde und wir diskutieren, wie die Pandemie unsere Arbeitsweise in den vergangenen Monaten verändert hat. Wie hält man die Fertigung und Prüfung der Produkte in großen Projekten am Laufen und wie überzeugt man den Kunden, dass sein Auftrag entsprechend unserer hohen Ansprüche erledigt wurde, wenn dieser sich nicht persönlich davon überzeugen kann? Die Lösung ist einfach: Abnahmeprüfung mit Video. Nach ein paar Anlaufschwierigkeiten und learning-by-doing ist ein Video-FAT mittlerweile eine etablierte und effiziente Methode. Die nächste Hürde stellt sich beim Aufbau der Anlagen beim Kunden vor Ort, wenn Reisen fast nicht möglich sind. Die Lösung hierbei ist eine Kombination von Remote-Engineering-Unterstützung aus Dresden, flexiblen Mitarbeitern vor Ort und die Mitarbeit unserer Kunden. Diskutieren Sie mit uns, wie komplexe Projekte unter besonderen Umständen gehandhabt und erfolgreich zum Abschluss gebracht werden können und wie neue Arbeitsweisen Einzug in den Alltag finden.


Cawir Ginting
PT High Volt Technology


When the expertise, experienced meet the creativity: Impossible is nothing. Pandemic Covid-19 situation not only bring difficulties and limited access but force us to integrate extensively the digitalization in high voltage field.


Mr. Cawir Ginting was studied electrical engineering majoring in power at North Sumatra University and graduated in 1989. Since 1987 he involved in Installation GIS SF6 and On-site HV Test up-to 500 kV. He spent more than 17 years as GIS Specialist for ALSTOM and Hitachi before starting his own business in 2004. He has installed and tested hundred bays of GIS SF6 around the globe. He is currently managing PT High Volt Technology in Indonesia with business unit in EPC, Trading, Service, On Site Testing, Renewable Energy, E-Mobility and Air Management. He is qualified and certified in GIS SF6, SF6 Gas, High Voltage Testing, and Partial Discharge Testing. He is member of WG CIGRE B3-45 and B3-50.

Dr. Gregory M Smith
Test Laboratory Manager
Nexans High Voltage, Charleston/USA


Over the last year, focus has shifted to remote work and collaborative activities out of necessity due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. Modern tools have facilitated the ability to conduct remote factory acceptance tests where the customer can experience and witness the required tests without having to travel. We anticipate that this trend will continue as we progress out of the pandemic, which will enable companies and clients to work together globally in a more efficient manner. Deployment of new tools can enhance the experience for parties on both sides of the meeting.


Dr. Gregory M Smith is the Test Laboratory Manager for Nexans High Voltage, USA in Charleston, SC. He studied physics and mathematics at College of Charleston where his research involved image processing techniques on phase separation and supercritical SF6 behavior in microgravity conditions. In 2015 he received his Ph.D. in physics from Wake Forest University where he studied various topics in nano-electronics from polymer solar materials to organic lighting technologies. His dissertation was on field induced polymer electroluminescent devices. After graduate school, he served an appointment as a Visiting Assistant Professor at College of Charleston. There, he carried out studies of nanomaterial characterization and device physics of thin film thermoelectric devices using two-dimensional topological insulator materials. After this, he moved to an industry role at Nexans High Voltage, USA as a Cable Systems Engineer. After one year he transferred to the test laboratory where he worked his way up to Test Laboratory Manager. His responsibilities include coordination of day-to-day activities in the Material and Electrical Test Laboratories and management of transformation projects. He is a member of IEEE PES ICC and serves on several committees.


Volker Schmidt
Department Head Customer Support
HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH


Quality is the key to the performance and durability of power transformers in electrical power transmission. And quality must be verified by appropriate methods and procedures to ensure safe and reliable operation throughout the expected service life.


Dipl.-lng. Volker Schmidt began working as a development engineer at Siemens AG after studying electrical power engineering at the Technical University of Dresden. From 1996 to 2005, he was employed as a development engineer at HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH where he took over the team leadership for the test field and service department in 2006 and the leadership of the service department in 2012. He is a member of working groups at CIGRE, IEC and DKE.


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