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Kabelüberwachung - Wichtiges Instrument bei extra langen

Datum: 05.05.2021

Uhrzeit: 14:00 Uhr

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Ein Thema des Web Talk 2020 war die Vor-Ort-Prüfung von extra-langen Kabeln, welches mit hohem Interesse verfolgt wurde. Daran wollen wir mit den Möglichkeiten zur Überwachung von DC-Kabeln anknüpfen. Nach einer erfolgreichen Inbetriebnahme von DC-Kabeln stellt sich die Frage, wie die Verfügbarkeit und die Zuverlässigkeit gewährleistet werden kann. Hier werden neue Monitoringsysteme benötigt, die Aussagen zu kritischen Ereignissen, Veränderungen des Zustandes des Kabels und zur Verfügbarkeit treffen können. Dafür ist es notwendig, dielektrische Ereignisse wie Teilentladungen in DC-Kabeln erfassen und bewerten zu können. Wir wollen mit Ihnen aktuelle Trends zu DC-Kabeln aus der Praxis und neue Ansätze zum Kabelmonitoring aus dem Labor der HIGHVOLT diskutieren.


Marc Jeroense
Owner and Expert 
MarCable Consulting


The growth of the HVDC cable business is at the start of the beginning. HVDC, a challenging technology opportunity that is key for our future.


Marc Jeroense (PhD), born in The Netherlands in 1966 and living in Sweden since 1997 has previously worked in different roles at NKF (1992-1997), ABB (1997-2017) and NKT (2017-2018). The roles range from specialist via project and product management to global R&D management. He has had a profound role in the development and commercialization of HVDC cable systems. He acts since long at the interface of market and technology. Marc is an active member of the CIGRE organization and has received the Technical Council Award. He is Senior Member of IEEE.
Marc has a uniquely placed, more than 25 years, broad and in-depth knowledge and experience from the cable industry. With a solid and unique PhD on MI cables in the background (1997), Marc Jeroense as the founder of MarCable Consulting has built his knowledge ranging from performing R&D work, managing the latter both as project and portfolio (Global R&D Manager), managing HV test lab and as Product Manager at the melding interface of market and technology.
With long experience in the respected CIGRE organization Marc has contributed in several standards. Marc operates across various organizational levels within CIGRE from expert to Convener and member of the Strategy Advisory Group.
HVDC for the renewable sector provides fertile ground for innovation. Marc has been at the forefront from inception to the development and qualification of the world record 525 & 640 kV extruded DC cable system. First line engagement in development, qualification and commercialization of the first dynamic power cable is also on the list of his achievements.
In his consultancy company he is active in giving services like cable testing inspection, developing technical specifications, clarification meetings, cable system courses and technical advisory.

Prof. Markus H. Zink
Leiter des Institutes für Energie- und Hochspannungstechnik (IEHT)
Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Würzburg-Schweinfurt


As the amount of HV-cable installations, especially for DC voltage, increases rapidly, only a proper diagnostics is the key for a reliable and safe operation. Therefore a well understanding of the material behavior, especially within the complex insulation systems of joints and terminations is quite essential.


Markus H. Zink did study electrical power engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, FHWS. From 2004 to 2005 he worked in the Research Center Karlsruhe (KIT) where he wrote his final thesis in the field of quench detection and high voltage insulation systems of superconducting magnets for fusion technology. After that he was working at Babcock Noell in Würzburg where he was a project leader in the R&D department for superconducting magnets. In 2010 he joined EnBW Kernkraft where he was employed for his PhD research, that he did in the area of ageing condition assessment of HV bushings. Since 2013 he is a professor at FHWS for electrical power engineering with the focus on high voltage technology and insulation systems. Since 2019 he is the leader of the Institut for Electrical Power Engineering and High Voltage Technology (IEHT). His current research activities are manly focused on HVDC applications and are addressing the PD behavior under DC voltage and the electrical conductivity of dielectric liquids. He is member of CIGRÉ and VDE.


Erik Winkelmann
Supervisor Monitoring Systems
HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH


Advanced signal processing and machine learning bring partial discharge characterization to a new level and enable an advanced monitoring solution for expensive HVDC cable projects.


Erik Winkelmann was born in Dresden in 1987. In 2009 he received his diploma at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden. Since then he has held various positions at HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH. His research focuses on the systems theoretical analysis of partial discharge measurements using real-time signal processing and machine learning. Since 2020 he has been doing his doctorate at the TU Dresden at the chair for cognitive systems.


Moderation: Florian Schwarz


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