Many of our customers are expanding their product portfolios to include higher voltage levels. As a consequence, their test bays need to be retrofitted or some will even need to redesign them. Our consulting team can offer valuable advice from the very beginning stages when planning these test bays, allowing you to implement a more effective test procedure and a quicker setup for testing. In turn, the time needed for the test processes is reduced to a minimum, without compromising quality.

Our services:

  • Recommendations on designing the test systems
  • Layout planning for the test hall or test laboratories and their equipment rooms
  • Customized solutions, which means adapting the systems to the local conditions in terms of available space
  • Providing recommendations on the optimum test setup
  • Advice and suggestions to optimally arrange the grounding system and safety measures
  • Suggestions for implementing an electromagnetic shielding
  • Support in designing additional test systems such as HV shielding, lightning and power surge protection devices, wattless current compensation, disabling of power circuits, etc.
  • Calculation and manufacturing of safety measures for test systems, in particular in combinations of test systems
  • Arrangement of the optimum interfaces between test system and object
  • Support in the automation of test processes


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