AC, DC and impulse voltage test system

For student training programs, research and development

The modular design of this high voltage module test set (HSBS) allows it to be used to test up to 100 kV AC voltage, up to 135 kV DC voltage, and up to 135 kV impulse charging voltage.
It is therefore an ideal test system to use when training students in college programs and for applications in research and development. This modular test system is available in a variety of configurations and can be easily expanded at a later date.

Control and operation of the system is very similar to that of more powerful test systems and it is available in two different versions. There is a basic control system using a SIMATIC touch panel, making it possible to combine manual control with simple automatic test procedures. The HiRES computer control system is available as an option to perform fully automatic test procedures as well as data capture and data storage.


  • AC testing up to 200 kV
  • DC testing up to 350 kV
  • Impulse voltage testing up to 135 kV
  • High voltage testing experiments for student training programs
  • Research and development


  • Intuitive configuration and operation
  • Modular design allows expansions later on
  • Efficient space usage by combining AC, DC, and impulse voltages in one test system
  • Power input via a standard CE plug 32/63 A

Technical parameters/system types