Control HIGHVOLT Suite®


HV Suiete®The HIGHVOLT Suite® embodies the aspects of time-savings and user-friendliness in its design. Enormous quantities of data need to be processed when testing several systems at once. Numerous measurement results need to be captured, stored, and logged. Here’s where the HIGHVOLT Suite® comes into play. It greatly simplifies the procedure because several systems and measurement devices are operated via an intuitive, fully-automatic control unit. This way, test systems can be controlled using a standard user interface and the measurement results can be compiled in a central database. You no longer need to compile data from a variety of sources for logging, meaning less work and fewer errors. In the process you save time and receive more reliable measurement results.



  • For all HIGHVOLT equipment and measurement systems
  • For all HIGHVOLT upgrades


  • Intuitive, fully-automatic control of several test systems and measurement systems at once
  • All data is stored in a central database in a standard manner
  • Compilation of a main log is simple and quick