CT Current Simulator MCTA-5

The CT current simulator is used for verification and setting of CT current-operated temperature measurements at transformers for determining the thermal image based on the secondary current.

Your benefits at
a glance

  • CT current simulator to check and set CT current-operated temperature measurements on transformers to determine the thermal image relative to the secondary current
  • Implementation in the test department, during commissioning or maintenance
  • For mobile implementation or on the switched-off transformer in a compact housing with a carrying handle
  • The device is characterized by simple operation. The alternating current is set with a control knob and represented on a display
  • Constant alternating current (0-5 A controllable) up to 40 VA load

Product description

The CT current simulator can be used on the test bench, during commissioning or during maintenance of CT current - operated temperature measurements. It is a portable unit (compact housing with carrying handle) and has been developed for mobile application at or on the disconnected transformer.
The alternating current is set via a control knob and shown on the display. The AC is kept constantly load- independent (max. two thermometers in row or max. 40VA). The output frequency (50/60 Hz) can also be preselected.


Highlights at a glance

  • Application on the test bench, during commissioning or during maintenance
  • Designed for service purposes: compact device; easy to transport
  • Easy to operate and high functional reliability
  • Constant AC (adjustable between 0 and 5A) up to 40VA load


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