Messko Nordic AB modernizes and optimizes production location in Sweden

Messko Nordic AB, headquartered in Vallentuna (near Stockholm), has modernized its production location and appears well-equipped for upcoming tasks. All of the extensive work on remodeling and expanding the office and production rooms has finished.

In order to further develop the proven quality of MESSKO® BeTech thermometers with expansion bellows technology at the Swedish location, new production lines that have already been tried and tested at the Oberursel location were installed as part of the modernization and workflow optimization measures.
Production capacity is being increased by more than 100% thanks to efficient and cutting-edge line production. As a result, production times are being optimized and production volume is increasing. Modernizing work and production spaces and optimizing the workstations will also ensure the high quality level of MESSKO® BeTech thermometers into the coming years.

Planning and renovation took six months. Hakan Svanberg, Area Sales Manager and Location Manager for Messko Nordic AB and Reiner Brill, Production Manager for Messko GmbH sum up by saying, "We're happy that everything went off without a hitch."

Managing Director of Messko Nordic AB, Alexander Lodig, also appeared very satisfied with the results from the last few months and thanked the entire team for its hard work. "It was great to see the enthusiasm, dedication and diligence our colleagues put into the task. Now we're perfectly positioned to deliver MESSKO® BeTech thermometers that are 'Made in Sweden'."