First VACUTAP® VM® for Japanese Utility

Japanese companies usually evaluate long and detailed before they introduce a new product or a new technology, especially if that technology is not from Japan. And particularly critical are the Japanese electric power companies, whose requirements concerning reliability of components in their power grids are extremely high.

Therefore it is a big success for MR that in this year for the first time a transformer with a VACUTAP® VM ® manufactured by MR was delivered for a substation of one of the Japanese Electric power companies. The transformer with a rated power of 150 MVA was manufactured by one of the largest Japanese transformer manufacturers.

Japanese utilities have been using MR‘s VACUTAP® VV® since 2010. More than 50 transformers with on-load tap-changers (OLTC) of this type are already in service, in some cases even with canola oil as insulation liquid instead of mineral oil. Also since 2014, a number of transformers in power plants have been equipped with VACUTAP® VR®, including a 566 MVA transformer. With all three types of VACUTAP® OLTC, more and more Japanese electric power companies are counting on the latest technology by MR.  


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