DiTAS test system for distribution transformers

HV-test system for transformer testingThe DiTAS test system has been designed for type and routine tests on distribution transformers. It satisfies the requirements of IEC 60076 and other international standards. The compact modular design allows the test system to be adapted to even the most singular requirements made by our customers, which includes the test setup, test sequence and production environment. A central static frequency converter (40-200 Hz) serves as the power source for the entire test system. The test system contains a highly precise power measuring system, which is fully integrated into the test facility’s control system.

Upgrade to get an automated test field

The DiTAS test system covers all necessary tests on distribution transformers. If it is equipped with optional motor-driven switches, the entire routine test sequence can be executed in a fully automated manner. This significantly cuts the test duration and makes it possible to fully integrate the test system into the manufacturing process.

DiTAS - Automation for transfomer testing



Routine tests:

  • Measuring the DC resistance, insulation resistance, number of turns in the winding and connection symbol
  • Applied voltage test on HV and LV windings
  • Induced AC voltage test
  • Measuring the no-load loss and currents
  • Measuring the short-circuit impedance and load losses

Type tests:

  • Load losses as parameter for the temperature-rise test
  • Lightning impulse voltage test using an additional impulse voltage generator


  • Short test durations thanks to fully-automated system settings and adjustments
  • Full integration of the test system into manufacturing processes with high throughput
  • Fulfils all requirements of international standards
  • Ergonomic control system, intuitive operation
  • Adaptation of the test system to special needs

Technical specification