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    Good news: All in one – All you need 

    To make things easier, faster and more efficient for you as our business partner we have streamlined our portfolio and services for transformer instruments & accessories. As you will already know from MESSKO®, we have now additionally integrated CAPT®, CEDASPE®, BTRAC and ETI into the established global MR network.


    This brings important benefits for you:

    Your profit: Maximize Efficiency

    … with Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen as your favorite supplier.


    Discover the full scope of transformer instruments & accessories

    Get a simple, fast and efficient access to the MR portfolio which now covers products and system solutions for distribution and power transformers – for all suitable applications and budgets, from renewables to offshore:


    Explore all of your benefits in detail:


    Less hassle: there is only one contact to oversee all the MR portfolio for each region. This person speaks your language and will provide you with comprehensive advice. In other words: You now only have one name to remember!


    Less „paperwork“: simplified ordering, faster handling and optimized, budget-friendly supply chain processes. Working with us allows you to reduce supplier contacts to a minimum.


    You now have a straightforward answer to the question “Where can I obtain the various instruments and accessories for my transformer?” – from MR! Whether you operate power or distribution transformers, you will get suitable solutions for all applications, from renewables to offshore.


    From your one-stop supplier MR you get both: single products as well as complete system solutions – including the corresponding advisory services and customer support. Profit from over 100 years of comprehensive expertise.


    Whether you are looking for a standard product offering with proven best value or seeking the highest quality, safety and reliability for more complex tasks, you will find exactly what you need within the MR portfolio. This is what we also mean by “Efficiency”.