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Testing, recording and evaluation – the high voltage test systems from HIGHVOLT

HIGHVOLT is for many customers in the cable industry an important partner when it comes to product quality assurance.
After all, cable manufacturers around the world perform the quality checks on their finished products using high voltage test systems from HIGHVOLT. Such tests are performed both in the factory and on-site on cables which have already been laid.
The newly developed program HiCOS further simplifies the handling of the test systems. All measuring devices and the equipment to generate the voltage are controlled fully automatically. HiCOS records and documents all measurement results centrally and in real time.

HIGHVOLT managing director Ralf Bergmann points out one of the decisive benefits: “The time-consuming and error-prone gathering of measurement data from different sources has been eliminated.”

If required, HiCOS also takes care of evaluation of the measurement data. The results of testing are available almost immediately. “Our customers thus receive fast, high-precision and standard-conformant proof of the quality of their products, for example cables or cable accessories,” Bergmann continues. All data are saved in a database, where direct comparison of the values from factory and on-site testing also permits tracking of the product quality over time.

“There is increasing demand for systems for on-site testing,” says Stefan Schierig, specialist for cable testing systems at HIGHVOLT. “Here, too, we offer complete solutions including fully automatic control by way of HiCOS.”

HIGHVOLT's resonant test systems with variable frequency have already enjoyed a good reputation for many years. They also enable the testing of very long high-voltage cables. Even super-long marine cables can be tested.

The newly developed DC test systems from HIGHVOLT, which are similarly used for factory and on-site testing on high-voltage cables, are characterised above all by their modularity and compact design. Further benefits of this innovation are to be found in the fast pole-switching and in the additional controlled discharge facility that is proceeded automatically through HiCOS.

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