User-friendly high-voltage test systems for on-site testing are of great interest for the Chinese cable industry

HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH at Wire & Tube China

WRV 83/260 T test system from HIGHVOLT during a successful cable test in China WRV 83/260 T test system from HIGHVOLT during a successful cable test in China

The long-standing German company HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden has been successful on the Asian markets for many years. Special mention must here be made of the cooperation with the Chinese measurement technology manufacturer Sindia Instruments Company. The two companies will be presenting their latest developments at this year's Wire & Tube China, which will take place from 24 to 27 September in Shanghai.

"Sindia is a long-term partner of HIGHVOLT. The company merchandises our test systems in China and itself increasingly performs high-voltage tests on the premises of its customers," says HIGHVOLT's key account manager for China, Stefan Schierig. "It is predominantly our mobile AC voltage test systems with adjustable frequency of the WRV T type which Sindia uses in withstand voltage tests of cables already laid and for PD measurements at joints," he continues.

Mobile solutions for the cable branch

The advantages of these systems are obvious. They can be used in many applications, regardless of cable length and site of testing.
Their frequency range lies between 20 Hz and 300 Hz. A single test system is designed for tests up to 260 kV and 83 A, thus allowing testing of high-voltage cables up to several kilometers in length. For longer cables up to hundred kilometers, several test systems are connected in parallel. For test voltages higher than 260 kV, they are connected in series.
"Our Chinese colleagues especially appreciate the user-friendly handling of our technology," says Schierig. "The test system installed on a trailer can be transported easily. For installation at the site which can often be performed within only one hour, no major equipment, such as cranes, are required."
Furthermore, the WRV T test systems are distinguished by a low PD background noise level of less than 10 pC and very low maintenance expenditure.

HIGHVOLT also offers innovative solutions for DC voltage tests. The GPM type DC test systems which can similarly be used for factory and on-site tests of high-voltage cables are characterized by their modular and compact design.
HIGHVOLT's cable specialist Schierig: "We offer container and trailer solutions for on-site testing. This saves time and money. A voltage divider integrated into the DC module allows a space-saving design. Thanks to the modular concept, the customers can expand the test systems to higher voltages at any time."
Further advantages of this new development are fast polarity reversal and the additional controlled discharge device.

HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden combines expert knowledge with tradition and entrepreneurial spirit

HIGHVOLT looks back over at a long tradition. The company Koch & Sterzel was already founded in 1904. It was nationalized under the name "Transformatoren und Röntgenwerk (TuR) Dresden" after World War II. Siemens AG took over TuR after the reunification of Germany in 1991. The high-voltage test technology division was outsourced in 1995, and HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH was founded.
The extraordinarily positive development of the company in the last few years is reflected in the growth in turnover from EUR 8 million in 2002 to more than EUR 61 million in 2013. Another indication are the increasing numbers of employees. Today approximately 250 employees are engaged at the company.
According to Schierig, the comprehensive expert knowledge of the employees is decisive for the company’s success: "More than half of the HIGHVOLT employees are graduate engineers, most of them in the field of electrical engineering. At the same time, 30% of the employees are highly qualified technicians."

Another basis for HIGHVOLT's position as a worldwide leader in innovations in the field of high-voltage and high-current testing technology today are the product developments of the last few years. Especially in the field of mobile systems for high-voltage tests on cables, HIGHVOLT has done pioneering work. More than 160 such systems have been sold worldwide to date. This corresponds to a market share of more than 90%.

"We are naturally pleased to exchange experiences with all interested persons and would like to give information about HIGHVOLT's range of products and services," says HIGHVOLT engineer Schierig, inviting the fair visitors to the joint stands W1F56 and W1F54 of HIGHVOLT and Sindia at Wire & Tube China.


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