Practicality Meets Design

HIGHVOLT and neongrau win the 2018 Saxon Design Award for the design of the HiRES probe.

On 5 November, the winners of the 2018 Saxon Design Award were announced by the Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Dullig, at a ceremony in the Albertinum. In the category “Product design in the industrial goods sector”, the neongrau agency was lauded for the design of the HiRES probe, commissioned by HIGHVOLT. As well as the device’s design and functions, the panel were also swayed in their decision by its sustainability and contribution to society. According to the laudatory speech, “The panel is impressed by what seems at first sight an unremarkable product. [...] The panel was won over by the meticulous design and the love of detail in its implementation. This shows the importance which the manufacturers attach to their product, motivating them to improve its quality considerably by strategically integrating industrial design into the development process.” HIGHVOLT and neongrau set off on this path together in the autumn of 2016, when the agency was tasked with designing the HiRES probe. In the summer of 2018, the product was entered for the Saxon Design Award competition. In the category “Product design in the industrial goods sector”, the HiRES probe came up against 17 other products from different sectors – from a warning triangle and a device for measuring coating thickness to an aircraft tractor concept. The nomination in September was the first step in the process culminating in November’s awards ceremony.

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