HIGHVOLT selected to supply testing systems for XLCC submarine cables

HIGHVOLT selected to supply testing systems for XLCC submarine cables

HIGHVOLT has been selected by UK-based XLCC as the main supplier of test systems for prequalification, type and routine testing of submarine cables following a detailed and extensive selection process

A new entrant to the industry, XLCC will support the green industry in the UK and overseas by manufacturing HVDC submarine cables with aluminum conductors and XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulation at its plant in Hunterston, Scotland. The cables will be used for interconnection projects to enable the transmission of electricity between countries' transmission grids and other high-capacity links. The first order includes four cables, each 3800 km long, as part of a 3.6-GW HVDC submarine cable system for the Xlinks Morocco-UK Power Project.

For this project, HIGHVOLT has been contracted to provide consulting services as well as high voltage testing systems for prequalification, type and routine testing.

The consulting service includes the planning of the individual test fields as well as the necessary test equipment required for certification and factory acceptance testing. The overall planning, equipment and configuration will enable future testing to be carried out for cables with higher voltage levels than previously, ensuring that operations are future-proof for decades to come.

XXL reactor for testing of super-long cables

"We are delighted to be making a further contribution to the success of the energy transition with this project. In order to master the challenges in the largest project to date since the company was founded, a project team was specially created and new employees were brought in," said Anne Cholawa, project manager at HIGHVOLT.

"The requirements for testing production lengths (20 km) and delivery lengths (> 100 km) are particularly exciting. But it's not just the testing technology where our years of experience come into play. For the entire test setup, including the cable drums and the trackways, new solutions have to be sought with regard to intelligent rewinding, safety aspects and the heating of the cable during the tests. Together with the client, the machine suppliers and our engineers, the best possible options are worked out and led to implementation," says Mario Jochim, Regional Sales Manager at HIGHVOLT.

AC resonant test system

HIGHVOLT's test systems will include variable frequency for AC testing of the delivery length. The first test systems will be ready for shipment in June and November 2022 and will be commissioned in conjunction with the new factory construction. Alan Mathers, Director at XLCC, commented, "Our goal is to provide the connectivity required for renewable energy to meet future global energy needs. Working with HIGHVOLT and our other expert partners will enable us to provide a world-class service."

About XLCC

XLCC is building a new, export-oriented, environmentally friendly industry in the UK: the manufacture of world-class HVDC submarine cables. The goal is to provide the connectivity required for renewable energy to meet future global energy needs.

These include:

- HVDC extruded submarine cables
- cable installation
- cable protection
- cable repair

XLCC manufactures HVDC cables, most of which are installed underwater and enable the transmission of renewable electricity from generation facilities to end users. In this way, submarine cable technology makes a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of power generation worldwide.In addition, XLCC are working to incorporate the latest environmental considerations in production and installation,

XLCC is committed to working with its customers to provide environmental impact assessments that meet the requirements of all regulations and to actively engage with relevant stakeholders in all countries.

For more information or interview requests, please contact the XLCC team press@XLCC.co.uk or abby@xlcc.co.uk.




HIGHVOLT is the leading global supplier of high-voltage and high-current testing systems and measuring instruments with more than 115 years of experience and an export share of around 90 percent. At its Dresden site (Germany), HIGHVOLT develops and produces systems for testing electrical power equipment for the transmission of electrical energy such as transformers, cables and switchgear. The company offers complete solutions with all consulting and maintenance services from complete test fields, test systems to specialised components. HIGHVOLT is a member of the Reinhausen Group.


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