HIGHVOLT expands its competence base in the field of digital measuring systems

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AD3000 S6 for rack mounting with two fiber optical probes AD3000 S6 for rack mounting with two fiber optical probes

Dresden, 20 September 2013
Measuring systems division of bitGate data systems GmbH acquired under an asset deal

Within the framework of an asset deal successfully concluded in July, HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH has acquired parts of the measuring systems division of insolvent manufacturer bitGate data systems GmbH in Alsfeld.
„The deal has enabled us to add highly qualified services relating to pulse current and voltage measurements to our already extensive portfolio in the field of high-voltage testing and measuring systems,” says managing director Dr. Ralf Bergmann. HIGHVOLT's new generation of transient recorders is characterized by the particularly high number of parallel measuring channels. The use of fiber-optic transmission technologies facilitates extremely reliable signal transmission with transient recorders such as the digital system AD3000.
“Our customers will also benefit from a greatly expanded range of software, which can be tailored precisely to the most varied customer needs,” adds managing director Bernhard Nick. “The expansion of our product range to include further technologically sophisticated, customer-specific measuring  systems will further strengthen HIGHVOLT's standing on the market.”

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