HIGHVOLT at Transform in Abu Dhabi

At the focus of interest: Mobile systems for transformer testing

HIGHVOLT engineer Dan Keller (centre) in conversation with congress participants HIGHVOLT engineer Dan Keller (centre) in conversation with congress participants

This year's international TRANSFORM Event was held in Abu Dhabi. From 26th to 28th November, all eyes were concentrated on the latest developments from the field of power transformers. Among the central topics were testing and measuring technologies to support operational reliability and quality assurance in connection with transformers.

In a lecture entitled “A new generation of a high-precision loss measuring system for power transformers”, HIGHVOLT managing director Ralf Bergmann presented the further-developed power measuring system LiMOS. “Power, voltage and current are recorded with extreme precision in the immediate vicinity of the sensors and then transmitted as optical signals. Thanks to automatic switching of the measuring range, the system has at the same time simplified test procedures in the test bay,” he said, highlighting just two of the benefits of LiMOS. HIGHVOLT presented an innovative overall concept, including a new approach to power calibration which has attracted particular attention from customers.

In a further lecture under the title “The success story of on-site transformer testing with static frequency converters”, HIGHVOLT engineer Dan Keller reported on the positive experience gained by customers when using mobile AC testing systems with frequency converters for on-site transformer testing.
Keller was very satisfied with the response: “A large number of visitors to the exhibition were interested in our expertise in this field,” he said. “Alongside the low investment outlay and operating costs, our customers appreciate above all the possibility to test even very large power transformers by linking several systems in parallel.”

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