On-site testing of 66 kV subsea array cables

Offshore windfarms with extruded XLPE inter-array cables rated up to 66 kV will become increasingly common. IEC is anticipating the situation with a new standard – IEC 63026 (under development) – as a guideline for manufacturers, test service providers and operators. As a result, HIGHVOLT has developed a test system solution to meet these new requirements.

Testing cables

Cable systems with Ur above 36 kV should be tested to evalu-ate their technical integrity and performance. Even if the cable itself passes the factory test, the cable system includes joints and terminations that are assembled on-site, which means that devia-tions and failures cannot be ruled out. To evaluate the integrity of accessories, the cable should be stressed with a suitable test volt-age and partial discharges (PD) should be measured at each ter-mination. To increase the prob-ability of detecting failures, the dielectric stress should be as sim-ilar as possible to the operational stresses. ...

On-site testing of 66 kV subsea Array cables (PDF)

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