In the branch focus: High voltage testing of gas insulated switchgear

„New concepts and system components for the networks of the future” was the theme for this year's Stuttgart High Voltage Engineering Symposium.

SF6-insulated test transformer from HIGHVOLT SF6-insulated test transformer from HIGHVOLT

Jointly with OMICRON electronics GmbH, HIGHVOLT contributed a presentation entitled “Modern methods of high voltage generation and partial discharge measurement for the testing of gas-insulated switchgear”.

Flawless insulation is a prerequisite for the trouble-free operation of gas-insulated switchgear (GIS). AC voltage tests and the associated partial discharge measurements serve to verify the quality of the insulation. With the aid of such high voltage tests, the GIS manufacturers and operators are able to check both the quality of products leaving the factory and any changes over the lifetime of the switchgear.

HIGHVOLT offers innovative test systems for high voltage GIS testing on the basis of a new generation of SF6-insulated test transformers.

These newly developed SF6-insulated test transformers from HIGHVOLT offer higher performance than systems available on the market to date. They stand out by way of a very low PD inception level and display high resistance to the stresses of transient effects.

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