Company visit with excitement on both sides - Over 100 participants in the “Long Night of Industry” took the opportunity to learn more about HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH.

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The visitors protect their ears for the lightning impulse demonstration. The visitors protect their ears for the lightning impulse demonstration.

During a guided tour of the HIGHVOLT production centre and testing hall, all attention was focussed on high voltages and currents. “That is our business,” as HIGHVOLT engineer Stefan Schierig confirmed to the visitors when introducing the company. “HIGHVOLT develops and manufactures high voltage testing systems. Our customers then use these systems to generate extremely high AC, DC and impulse voltages, for example to test the quality of their transformers, high voltage cables and generators,” he explained.

It goes without saying that the HIGHVOLT staff had planned a number of surprise treats for their guests: Exciting experiments which they would probably never get to see otherwise.
In the component test bay, an arcing horn went into action to greet the visitors, and several impressive surface discharges were also demonstrated.
An acoustic signal warned the spectators, before a million volts shook the Saxon State Chancellery building with a deafening bang – or at least a model of the building!
“We used an impulse voltage generator to produce an artificial bolt of lightning,” says test bay manager Michael Mayer. “Such impulse voltage testing systems also serve to simulate lightning strikes in real-life use. After all, the power systems which transmit and supply electricity to our towns and homes must also withstand such natural phenomena.”

The brass band from Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH, like HIGHVOLT a member of the REINHAUSEN Group, had travelled up from Regensburg to provide rousing musical accompaniment. Managing directors Bernhard Nick and Ralf Bergmann were unanimously happy: “The premiere has been a complete success in every respect. This was the first time that we have been involved in the ‘Long Night of Industry’, and the interest shown by the people of Dresden was fantastic. It has also been a very exciting evening for us.”

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