HIGHVOLT at the cable seminar in Turkey

Press release

On 24 October 2017, HIGHVOLT organised a cable seminar at the Convention Center in Istanbul along with the Turkish representative of Marke Elektronik. Presentations were held for 25 attendees representing well-known manufacturers such as Demirer Kablo, Hes Kablo, Vatan Kablo, ZRD, Simora, Siemens and ABB. Among other things, Serhat Tutal, Technical Project Manager Dr Martin Hinow and sales engineer Kay Leiteritz informed the participants about standards, impulse voltage testing and AC and DC testing for cables, submarine cables, and about PD and TD measurements and shielded rooms.

After the seminar, the attendees had time to go into further depth on these topics and exchange information at dinner by the Bosporus.

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