HIGHVOLT the Main Sponsor of the ISH2019 Conference in Budapest

Around 400 people from all around the world were coming together in Hungary’s capital Budapest from 26 - 30 August for the 21st edition of ISH, the International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering. ISH takes place every two years and is designed as a forum for exchange and for discussion of research results between scientists and engineers. 328 papers were presented at this year’s symposium. 155 papers were presented in lectures and 173 as posters in a so-called Dialogue Session.

The event was supported by HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH as the main sponsor. Not only did this mean that HIGHVOLT was able to contribute with talks, presentations and by assuming the role of session chairman, but at the HIGHVOLT booth there was also plenty of opportunity for discussions and exchange, and visitors also had the chance to get to know our products and solutions.

For us as HIGHVOLT, we support this event as a matter of course. On the one hand, ISH is a platform for companies to present themselves as potential employers to recently graduated PhD students and to academics who are going to go on to assume roles as decision makers in the industry in the future. On the other hand, it also acts as a source of ideas for us, since the latest technical ideas are presented and discussed here”, explains Thomas Steiner, Technical Director at HIGHVOLT.

The project FLEXITRANSTORE is designed to contribute to the development of a pan-European transmission network with high flexibility and high interconnection levels, as well as to help develop new control and storage methods for a flexible European energy system. In a 90-minute discussion panel, the latest results were presented, the requirements for future operating equipment were discussed under the system aspect of flexibilization, and a new form of CO2-neutral energy generation was highlighted. The panel was hosted by Dr Uwe Kaltenborn with participation from the audience.

At ISH, Dr Ralf Pietsch also assumed a number of duties on behalf of CIGRE, which generally works very closely with ISH. One of these roles was to represent the Chairman of the CIGRE Technical Council, Marcio Szechtman, at the meeting of the International Steering Committee of ISH, where an initial summary of the ongoing event was drawn up and the planning of future ISH conferences was discussed.
At the closing event on Friday, Dr Pietsch gave a keynote speech providing an “Overview of Future Grid Technology Trends”.

The next ISH will take place in 2021 in China.

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