User-friendly high-voltage test systems of great interest for the Indian industry

HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH at ICHVET 2015

HIGHVOLT-engineer Andreas Horeth during his presentation about „Dielectric testing of HIGHVOLT DC converter transformers“ HIGHVOLT-engineer Andreas Horeth during his presentation about „Dielectric testing of HIGHVOLT DC converter transformers“

Dresden, 30 January 2015 The long-standing German company HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH has been successful on the Indian market for many years. HIGHVOLT regularly shows its product developments on exhibitions in India and participates in conferences within the region. Above all, the longstanding as well as very successful cooperation with the Indian Research Institute CPRI (Central Power Research Institute) should be highlighted.

AC test systems for quality assurance of components for electrical energy distribution  

„For more than 20 years CPRI is using high voltage test systems from our factory and according to their own statement are highly satisfied with the performance and quality “, reported HIGHVOLTs Key Account Manager for India, Andreas Horeth. „In particular, CPRI is using our AC voltage test systems of type WP and WR(M) for high voltage testing of cables, insulators and capacitors. The focus lays on routine tests, type tests as well as on development tests.”
The test systems type WP have a space-saving metal tank transformer design. Beside the low internal PD level, another advantage of these test systems is the possibility to connect single transformers in parallel or in series and thus increasing either test current or test voltage. Indian customers are particularly interested in AC test systems for outdoor test fields of type FWP, of which CPRI is currently operating three systems. Their amenities are amongst others the ruggedness against the climatic influences and the temporary short time overload operation.

HIGHVOLT-know-how for testing of DC test systems and components

HIGHVOLT offers innovative solutions for DC voltage testing as well. So, DC test systems type GP with polarity reversal can be installed stationary by having one pole including polarity reversal or two separate poles. That enables a continuous operation at high load in order to test HVDC overhead power lines for example. These test systems can be constructed either for outdoor operation or indoor operation.  However, for mobile applications a sophisticated modular construction has been designed, which simplifies the on-site testing.
Again HIGHVOLT-engineer Andreas Horeth: „ We offer container and trailer solutions for on-site testing. This saves time and money. A voltage divider integrated into the DC module allows a space saving design. Thanks to the modular concept, the customers can upgrade the test systems to higher voltages at any time. “
Further advantages of this recent development a fast polarity reversal and the additionally controlled discharge device.

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