Vietnamese business delegation visits HIGHVOLT

On August 20, HIGHVOLT welcomed a delegation of 26 Vietnamese decision makers. The guests, mainly representatives of grid and power plant operators as well as universities, were informed about products and services of HIGHVOLT and the possibilities to increase energy efficiency in Vietnam's industrial production.

HIGHVOLT already has business relations with Vietnam, but is very interested in expanding these further. Managing Director Dr. Ralf Bergmann therefore did not miss the opportunity to welcome the guests personally on Monday morning and to introduce HIGHVOLT briefly. Afterwards, the inspection of the high-voltage test hall and production was on the agenda. Afterwards, everyone got together for an initial, intensive exchange.

The interest was great on both sides. The first synergies were identified and the need for further exchange became clear. It was agreed that there was great potential for successful cooperation. The guests could deepen their knowledge about HIGHVOLT and gain an insight into the business.

Their conclusion was correspondingly positive. All participants were enthusiastic and emphasized that they had collected many new impressions and new knowledge.


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