Testing of super long cables

As a result of the changing ways in which society is consuming energy, the demand for ever longer cables is also increasing. The challenge is to manufacture and test cables that have such great lengths, and conventional systems can often reach their limits. The new testing system from HIGHVOLT is capable of testing extremely long cables with equipment that not only weighs less, but also takes up less space. The solution is modular and free of partial discharge, as is required for cable testing. The first testing system of this type was installed and taken into operation in Greece in the autumn of 2018. A new reactor design is available for the testing of long DC and AC cables. The rated frequency was chosen as 12 Hz, so that the cables could still be tested under deviating or larger cable capacitances, albeit with reduced voltage. At 10 Hz, cables can still be measured that are longer by 44 %, but the available testing voltage is 20 % lower. Up to 16 reactors can be connected in parallel or partially in series. With the specially de-veloped reactor DE 126000/200-151, cable lengths of several 100 km can be tested with a test voltage of up to 400 kV at 12 Hz, of course subject to the specific cable capacitance. With a test voltage of just 260 kV (16 reactors in parallel) it is possible to test lengths far in excess of 350 km in a single piece. ...

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