May 20 - International Day of Measurement

The Day of Measurement or Metrology Day is celebrated to commemorate the signing of the International Metre Convention in 1875. With the equality of weights and measures, hurdles in trade across city and national borders were broken down. Since 2000, this day has highlighted the importance of measurement in society.

At HIGHVOLT, too, testing and measuring in the field of high and extra-high voltage plays an important role. Accuracy is very important to us. In each test system, the measuring system maps the course of the test parameters. The measured values are the basis for decisions in development, routine tests, fault diagnosis, etc. They must be recorded with the utmost care so that they are comparable and applicable in the globally networked world of the IoT.

With our HIGHVOLT calibration laboratory, we start calibrating where most have long since stopped. And we stop where physics sets us limits. We work closely with PTB and strive not only to push the envelope, but also to improve the uncertainties of the measurands. It is important for us to share and make available our experience and to actively participate in international standardization committees.

Our knowledge comes from many years of practical experience in the field of calibration. As an accredited calibration laboratory, we travel worldwide on behalf of the metrology community. 

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