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Testing of distribution transformers - Automation for product & process optimization

Date: 28.04.2021

Time: 2 pm CEST - 8 am EST - 8 pm SGT

Distribution transformers play an important role in the power grid and where a major innovation driver the last years. Another area of innovation was the reduction of power losses in distribution transformers, as seen in the Ecodesign Directive of the EU or the Star rating of distribution transformers according to the Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency. As distribution transformers are produced in large numbers, the integration of factory testing into the manufacturing process with a high degree of automation is key for high quality and efficient production. Therefore, we will discuss the topics of automated testing, energy efficient design, integration of onload tap changers for distribution transformers.


Michael Heinz
Senior Principal Expert – Distribution Transformer


The travel inside Eco-Design is one significant step for our contribution to reach the climate targets. Even an high efficient transformer accumulate over the life time a significant amount of losses and we open a new chapter of transformers efficiency.


- Graduate engineer from Dresden University of Technology in Electrical Engineering Science
- Five years with TRR Transformer Factory as Designer
- 20 years with SGB-SMIT Group with several technical position and finally Technical Manager of SBG Neumark for Distribution Transformers
- 2011-2017 with Siemens AG as Senior Vice President for the Global Technology Centre
- Distribution Transformers - Since 2017 Senior Principal Expert – Distribution Transformer
- IEC Standardisation: member and convenor of IEC Working Groups
- Convenor of German Standard committee UK 321.2
- CIRED: member of SAG1 - CIGRE: Study Committee A2 - Transformers

Franco Pizzutto
Business Development Manager for DT OLTCs
Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH


VRDT are the key to efficient grid integration of renewables and low carbon technologies in distribution networks.


From 2003 to 2008 Franco Pizzutto has studied Power Engineering Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Ansbach in Germany. From 2008 on he worked in the order processing for power transformer OLTCs. From 2013 on he dedicated himself to OLTCs especially designed for Distribution Transformers integrating distributed renewable energy sources. Since 2017 he is Business Development Manager for small OLTCs, focusing on the application in the distribution network and in wind turbine generator transformers.


Stefan Bergmann
Area Sales Manager
HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH


Testing of distribution transformers is a complex process. The need for accurate measurement of losses and the integration of standardized and customized tests into a highly automated production chain places strong demands on test systems.


After having absolved an apprenticeship to power electronics technician (1999-2002), Stefan Bergmann studied electrical engineering at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. He received his academic degree (M.Sc.E.E.) in 2007. Since 2007 he worked for AREVA NP GmbH in Germany and Finland, mainly focussing on the design of MV distribution systems in nuclear power plants. Stefan joined HIGHVOLT Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH in 2012. After being responsible for the sales activities in the South- and North-American market for several years, he is currently working as Area Sales Manager in South East Asia.


Moderation: Florian Schwarz


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