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HIGHVOLT website now also in Spanish and French versions

HIGHVOLT website HIGHVOLT website

HIGHVOLT, a global supplier of high voltage testing systems, is now also able to present its extensive spectrum of products and services to Internet users in the Spanish and French languages. At, customers, business partners and other interested visitors are able to obtain the latest information on high voltage testing systems, measuring equipment and diverse service offers from HIGHVOLT in a choice of six languages.

“We have reacted to the constantly expanding business relationships with French- and Spanish-speaking customers,” explains sales engineer Tobias Mießler, whose sphere of responsibility includes also Chile and Argentina.

It is only a few months ago that HIGHVOLT unveiled a Russian and Portuguese version of its website. “HIGHVOLT is also growing well in the regions in which Russian and Portuguese are spoken,” adds managing director Ralf Bergmann.

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