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HIGHVOLT representative seminar in Prague strengthens international relations

Almost 40 HIGHVOLT representatives from 33 countries met in Prague from 26 to 28 June. The three-day seminar focused on workshops and training courses on new products and services as well as lectures on current technologies and trends in high-voltage testing technology.

"Our representatives are like one big family to us. They have grown with us. Without their commitment, HIGHVOLT would not be one of the strongest companies in the industry today," says Managing Director Dr. Ralf Bergmann.

Thanks to a very good international network, HIGHVOLT is present in almost all regions of the world. The high-voltage test systems and measurement technology developed and produced in Dresden are in demand worldwide. "Our export share is 85 percent," explains Dr. Ralf Bergmann. "It is therefore exciting for us not only to look inside, but to broaden our field of vision. We can get many suggestions from our international representatives. The exchange on new developments, future trends and international standards is of great importance to us. Our representative seminar is the ideal platform for this."

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