HIGHVOLT at the "Transformer Technologies Seminar" in Turkey

On 06. and 07.11.2018 a 2-day Transformer Seminar took place in the Titanic Business Kartal Hotel in Istanbul. This seminar was organized by our Turkish representative "Marke Elektronik" with the support of HIGHVOLT, Omicron, GEORG, HÜBERS and BR Tech. The first day was dedicated to transformer testing and diagnosis, the second day to transformer production. Lectures were held for 80 participants from renowned manufacturers such as ABB, GE, Schneider Electric, BEST Transformatör, Siemens, Sönmez Transformatör and Pfiffner. Serhat Tutal, representative of HIGHVOLT in Turkey and Sales Engineer Kay Leiteritz informed about the HIGHVOLT portfolio, the testing and diagnosis of distribution and power transformers as well as the HIGHVOLT consultancy. Between the presentations, the participants had time to learn more about the latest developments in the market. The WV 18-18 - a product for testing and diagnosis of distribution transformers - was exhibited of the event.

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