JICABLE – The World's Largest Conference for Insulated Cables

From 23-27 June 2019, more than 800 delegates from 45 countries met for the 10th Jicable. Held every four years in Versailles, France since 1982, the event is aimed at research and development institutions, manufacturers and end users of insulated power cables. Attendees found out about the latest developments at some 260 presentations. HIGHVOLT presented its expertise with three papers / presentations on the testing of extra-long cables with “XXL reactors”, modular DC testing and the testing of offshore cables. Alongside the presentations, there was also an exhibition with stands by more than 40 companies. HIGHVOLT’s stand drew a great deal of interest and discussion with company experts on the latest developments and opportunities. Michael Hensel, who is in charge of cables in the sales department, described the event as an all-round success.

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