HIGHVOLT at the MEE in Dubai

MEE Dubai 2020 MEE Dubai 2020

Once again, HIGHVOLT appeared at the Middle East Energy in Dubai—the biggest trade fair for high-voltage technology in the Middle East region, this year from March 3 to 5, 2020. The real eye-catcher this time round was the project that had been successfully wound up in Greece, using XXL reactors to test super-long cables.

Though many exhibitors and visitors were unsettled by the spread of the Corona virus, HIGHVOLT still had ample opportunity to discuss and make headway on important projects currently being undertaken with customers in the region.

All in all, the take-home message was positive. The usual friendly atmosphere at the MEE prevailed, and long-standing exhibitors and newcomers were able not only to re-establish their connections but also to make interesting new contacts.


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