Delegation of the Organic Electronics Saxony e.V. at HIGHVOLT

On 21.09.2021 we had the honor to welcome a delegation of the Organic Electronics Saxony e.V. to HIGHVOLT.The Organic Electronics Saxony e. V. (OES) which is based in Dresden, is a research network for organic, flexible and printed electronics. Since its establishment in 2008, the association gained more than 30 members from industry and research in Saxony and Central Germany. Once a year, the OES invites its members to a meeting in Dresden. Traditionally, a local company, which is selected in advance, is being visited during the meeting in order for the OES to get insight into various organizations.This year, HIGHVOLT, as an innovative company in the field of measurement and testing of high voltage and high current was selected. The general manager, Markus John, introduced HIGHVOLT to our visitors and answered initial questions, especially about the testing of long cables. Afterwards Gerhard Schlecht guided the OES delegation through the production and into the test hall. We are always proud to see that the test hall and the test systems set up never fail to impress our visitors and this time was no exception.

It was a great opportunity to introduce HIGHVOLT to companies that are not directly involved in our industry sector. Furthermore, some of the portfolio aspects of the visiting companies were quite interesting for HIGHVOLT and will certainly be followed up in the future.

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